John Daverio
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Celebrating the life of John Daverio
John Silber | Dennis Berkey | Theodore Antoniou | Lewis Lockwood | Roman Totenberg | Joel Sheveloff | Effie Papanikolaou | David Daverio

The remembrances you find here were written or spoken at Celebrating the life of John Daverio on May 4, 2003 at Boston University's Tsai Center.

John Silber, Chancellor, Boston University
Dennis D. Berkey, Provost, Boston University
Theodore Antoniou, Professor of Music in Composition, Boston University
Lewis Lockwood, Fanny Peabody Professor Emeritus, Harvard University
Roman Totenberg, Professor Emeritus of Music in Violin Performance, Boston University
Joel Sheveloff, Professor of Music in Musicology, Boston University
Effie Papanikolaou, Assistant Professor of Music History, Miami University
Dr. David Daverio, John's cousin

As more remembrances are submitted they will find a place in this section of the site remembering and celebrating John Daverio.


Boston University
14 October, 2003